Visit Scotland’s Capital

As you can imagine, the capital of Scotland welcomes thousands of visitors every year and because of that there is a lot to make the most of any trip Edinburgh.

Make the most of the great nightlife and vibrant city or jump on a train and find yourself in the beautiful Scottish countryside in no time at all.

If you do plan to visit Edinburgh soon here are some of our recommended things to see and do in Edinburgh.

Visit Arthurs Seat

Arthurs seat offers some of the best views over the city. Walking up the extinct volcano is possible for most people, you don’t need to be an experienced hill walker and the scenery is definitely worth it.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a must for tourists. Packed with history you can either enjoy a tour or take a look around for yourself, it is a great example of Scotland’s rich history.

Enjoy a Dram

Whisky drinkers will be in heaven with some great bars offering some of the best whiskies around. Edinburgh is also a good point to travel out from to visit the distilleries and enjoy a tour.


Edinburgh has some great shopping options with everything from the biggest brands and designers to some great independent boutiques. Visit Victoria Street to see some of these great independents and get some unique shopping opportunities.

Camera Obscura

Another uniquely interesting attraction that Edinburgh has for visitors to enjoy is Camera Obscura where visual illusions will make you question the reality of what you are seeing in front of you.

Make the most of the Festival

Edinburgh festival is famous the world over so if you are visiting at the right time you might have the opportunity to make the most of it.

Performers travel from all over to perform in established and makeshift theatres, bars, pubs and basically any space that you can fit people in. You can even enjoy a whole host of performance on the streets of Edinburgh as the city comes alive.

The Military Tattoo

Selling out in advance is something that the Edinburgh Military Tattoo has come to expect with hundreds of thousands enjoying the show on the Castle’s esplanade every year.

The best military bands and performers from around the world visit the annual event and compete one another in an exciting and thrilling spectacle.

With a number of museums, a great zoo and countless other attractions for visitors to enjoy it is little wonder that so many people flock to the city every year.

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