Glasgow is a great city that has a vibrant nightlife, thriving music scene and atmosphere like no other.

Home to the fiercest rivalry in football it also welcomes a great many sports fans every year. 2014 also saw the city hold the Commonwealth Games which saw a drastic improvement to the cities sporting infrastructure.

Visiting the city will give you loads of options to explore so we thought we would give you a head start by listing some of our favourite things to see and do here.

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Gothic Glasgow

Glasgow is home to a number of stunning Gothic architectural masterpieces that are well worth exploring. Add to that the Necropolis which looks over the city and you have some of the best Gothic examples in Scotland.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

One of the most famous architects and designers to come out of Scotland, you will find some great examples of his work around the city.

Sample the Delights of the Drygate Brewery

Found in the East end of Glasgow, the Drygate Brewery is attached to a pub/restaurant making it easy for you to nip in, enjoy a meal and some craft beer.

Escape Glasgow

No, we aren’t advising you to try and get out of this great city we are simply letting you know about this excellent experience that lets you and a team work together to find clues and work out puzzles to escape a locked room. Kind of like the crystal maze this is a great team bonding exercise, if you manage to get out that is.

Visit the Barras

The Barras is Glasgow to the core. Found in the East End the marketplace set around several indoor and outdoor areas is like a step back in time. Some visitors might find it a bit intimidating and, truth be told, there are definitely some interesting characters but there are also some great bargains to be sought.

The Barrowland Ballroom

Maybe Scotland’s most famous and best loved venue, the Barrowlands have hosted some of the biggest names in music in the world and the unbeatable atmosphere almost always ends up with them rating it among their best gigs.

Vegan Friendly

Despite being more renowned for deep frying anything that moves, Glasgow’s restaurants are actually pretty great. With a great selection of vegan restaurants too it has recently been voted one of the most vegan friendly cities in the UK.

No matter what you come to Glasgow for you are bound to leave with a smile on your face.

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